Deanna Hong
27yo, International Yoga Instructor, Vegan Chef-in-Training

I started practicing yoga 5 years ago while working as an investment banker in San Francisco. At the time, I had chronic digestive problems and I didn't even know it. I was completely out of touch with my body. My fast-paced lifestyle, do-more-be-more mentality and compulsive eating habit all pushed me over the edge.


Yoga came into my life initially as a physical practice. I was concerned with getting fit, toned and flexible and my practice reflected that with all the hot Vinyasa classes I attended. The health benefits of a regular yoga practice are well-known, but often overlooked is the deeper meaning behind it. The more I practiced, the more I started to understand that deeper meaning -- the union between the mind, body and spirit -- and that's my aim when I share this practice with others.

But yoga alone is not enough for healthy living. From my personal experience, diet and nutrition play a big role and are areas I'm also passionate about. Adopting a "less is more" attitude, being more mindful of my consumption and how it affects the environment are other lifestyle changes I've made in recent years that have also aided my quest of optimizing well-being.

I'm a curious soul, with an insatiable hunger for experiences and tools that will help people lead healthier, happier lives. My journey so far has blessed me with the privilege to call different places around the world "home" --- Kenya to learn about economic empowerment, India to complete my yoga teacher training, South Africa to let my creative juices run wild and Vietnam to deepen my practice and experiment with plant-based Eastern cuisine. Now I'm on the look out for the next place to call home and to combine everything I've learned to far to empower people in taking ownership of their health and their lives. Stay tuned!


I believe humans are inherently good and I believe the world would be a heck of a better place if we tap into that inherent goodness.

But first, it starts with improving our selves and our health.

©2019 by Deanna Yoga.

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