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Yoga is for everyone. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner, I offer different styles and levels of yoga depending on your fitness level and health condition. All you need is open space and a mat.

I also offer on-site corporate classes for businesses as well as teach at local studios within the Bay Area. My classes are structured, safe and compassionate. When possible, I co-design classes using students' input to pick a class theme, such as a strengthening Vinyasa flow, a digestive enhancing flow, a more restorative, calming practice, or a traditional Hatha class. 


Yoga at and for the office

From traditional mat classes to chair-based, “no-sweat” classes, these formats will be further customized to fit your company’s space and employee demographic.

On-site Yoga Classes

Enhance your employees' well-being with classes to alleviate physical ailments from sitting all day and to combat stress. Yoga also helps improve focus and productivity—both of which are crucial in the work environment.

Conference Table Yoga

No work-out clothes? No problem. Chair yoga participants can enjoy a good stretch and other health benefits such as an instant mood booster, increased energy and reduced stress.

Special Events

Add a yoga session to conferences and other special events to get some healthy movement in. Or host a dedicated wellness workshop or health fair.



Yoga at home, for small groups and special events

Private One-on-Ones 

Do you have a specific health goal? Are you recovering from an injury or illness? Personalized classes at the comfort of your home or private space, geared towards your fitness level and any existing health conditions may be what you need.

Group Yoga for Special Events

Get a group of your friends together and flow. Whether it's yours or a loved one's birthday, a wellness themed event, or just for fun, a session of yoga can only do good for your mind and body.



Local studio and community yoga

Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Classes​
I offer all-level and different style classes. My classes are challenging yet comfortable. When designing and teaching classes, I emphasize the mind-body connection through the breath and proper alignment and form to prevent injury. Most importantly, I like to meet students where they are in their practice and encourage them to connect and listen to their bodies' needs over "perfecting" a pose.

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